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Look, feel and perform your BEST in just SIX WEEKS

Fed up of lacking in energy, motivation and not seeing the results you want?

If you're not a gym person but you're ready to make a change to your health, fitness and confidence, then Get Up + Go Bootcamps is the place for you.

The Kingston Academy

​      IS THIS YOU?

  • Work hard but never see results?

  • Feel intimidated at big gyms?

  • Confused about how to get meaningful results with training and nutrition?

  • Unsure what exercises are best to do or how to perform them?

  • Find training by yourself boring?

  • Always been confused about how to get results without eating rabbit food?

  • Struggled to get results consistently?

  • Prefer being outdoors?

The most inspiring, friendly, member focused exercise experience in Kingston.

Here at Get Up + Go Bootcamps, YOU come first.

We properly get to know you – as a person, your body, your abilities, your concerns and, not least, your fitness goals. 

There are plenty of big, commercial gyms in Kingston. You may have been a member of them yourself!

But change really happens when you have long term coaching, guidance and support that is geared around YOU.

That's what we do differently here at Get Up + Go Bootcamps.

If you're struggling to get results and find a routine you can stick to, perhaps it's time to invest in some coaching, community, and camaraderie

WARNING: If you're looking for another "quick fix" then this is NOT for you.

On our Six Week Programme you'll lose inches, have more energy, and feel more positive.

We'll help you lay foundations, build new habits, and you'll feel, look and perform better.

However, lasting changes to your health and fitness take more than six weeks.

Our Six Week Programme is to discover whether we're the right coaches to help you on your journey.

Test drive us for Six Weeks and experience our:


Meet Freya & Jack, the coaches who are going to change your health and fitness for good.

All of the people we coach are busy men and women just like you, who are juggling work and family life each week - it's our job to make the health and fitness part of their lives easier, and we want to do the same for YOU.

If you're feeling stuck and in need of a boost to feel healthy, strong, energised, and confident again, we are here to give you the support, environment and inspiration needed to make it happen.

Maybe you've tried different options in the past but not managed to keep going and get results. Maybe you got bored, didn't know what to do, or didn't feel motivated to do it. 


As your coaches, we'll be your secret weapon.


Our passion and wealth of experience will help you lose weight, feel fitter, gain more energy, feel confident, and keep you motivated.

Regardless of your current level of fitness, we exist to help make getting in shape more simple, more enjoyable, and more sustainable.

No judgement, no egos.

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In Six Weeks:

  • Find an alternative to the gym

  • Feel comfortable and welcome in our classes, whatever your level

  • Be guided on how to train properly

  • Lose some weight

  • Feel more energised and confident

  • Take time back for yourself

  • Enjoy exercising among friendly locals like you

  • Find an environment you actually enjoy

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