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Feel Fitter.

Welcome to Get Up + Go Bootcamps, the welcoming Kingston community that can help you achieve lasting health and fitness results.

Who Are We?

Get Up + Go Bootcamps

We have created a non-intimidating and encouraging community of likeminded people, designed to give you an exercise experience that's enjoyable, effective, and sustainable.

Whether you're a first time exerciser or you're looking to be pushed to the next level, we want to give you the coaching and motivation needed to achieve your goals - and enjoy the process.

Perhaps you're wanting to feel better in yourself, have more energy, get less aches and pains, and meet some new people. Maybe you'd like to lose some weight and improve your health. Whatever your plans, our passion and wealth of experience will help you succeed.


So, how does it work?


Get started by speaking with a member of the team, and we'll arrange a free consultation at a time that suits you.


We'll listen to your needs and goals, and come up with a plan of action to help you get results.


Begin working with us and see how much stronger, fitter and more confident you can become.


Stay consistent, enjoy exercising, and set new goals to keep progressing!

Why Us?

Our Four Pillars


Good coaches, good people.

We work hard, have a laugh, and get together for socials outside of Bootcamps too.

Building an exercise routine is much easier when you're in the company of other locals who are on a similar journey to you.

Balanced Training

Our circuit based Bootcamps will balance resistance training, cardiovascular fitness, and core strength.

We keep things fresh and varied to ensure you never feel bored, and our experienced coaches are on hand to ensure your safety, technique and progression.

Nutritional Guidance 

We know how much misinformation exists out there when it comes to food!


To simplify things for you and make sure you're feeling and functioning your best, we are on hand to help you with your nutrition.

We'll help you find a route that's sustainable and realistic for your lifestyle.


Even with all the best intentions in the world, it can still be easy to let your health and fitness slide when life gets busy.

We will help you set goals, explain how you can achieve them effectively, and hold you accountable every step of the way to ensure progress and consistency. 

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